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The Practice of Breast Ultrasound: Techniques, Findings, Differential Diagnosis by H. Madjar, Jack Jellins

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In order to comply with the requirements of a three-tiered course of instruction in breast ultrasound, Madjar (German Clinic for Diagnosis) and Jack Jellins (Breast Ultrasound School, Australia) present material at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. The authors cover a range of diverse breast pathologies, helping readers recognize the critical features necessary for making a diagnosis. Topics include basic technical principles; examination technique and protocol; the sonographic anatomy of the normal breast; systematic interpretation of benign and malignant focal breast lesions; specialized areas such as screening, surgical planning, microcalcifications, and interventional ultrasound; and recent innovative techniques.

Publisher: Thieme Medical Pub; Published November 1999
ISBN: 0865778981
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