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The latest news on breast cancer and other women's health topics as well as an archive of previous news articles are provided with additional background information and links.

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Breast Cancer Resources and Support

Coping with a breast cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment can be a stressful and psychologically difficult period in a woman´s life. This section offers resources and support to help breast cancer patients and survivors.
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At Imaginis, we work hard to make medical terms clear and understandable. But some medical terms can't be replaced with simple words. To help you with these terms, the Imagins Glossary provides definitions and links to additional information. You can get to the Glossary from any page by clicking Glossary in the navigation bar.


Seeing something is often more effective than reading about it. The breast self-examination video and the balloon kyphoplasty video show common procedures.

Invited Articles

The Invited Articles section features articles by physicians, healthcare professionals, researchers, activists, survivors and others who have important messages to share about cancer and women's health issues.
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Professional Resources

Many resources exist for healthcare professionals. The ones we include in our professional resources are among the best for women's health.
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The Imaginis Bookstore features over 100 titles of carefully chosen books focusing on breast cancer and breast health. Imaginis' staff Quick Picks are always a good place to start additional research.

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Imagins and Health Radio have teamed up to bring you Radio Imaginis. Find out more about current live broadcasts and listen to previous shows.
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