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You & Your Doctor - Visit Checklist & Questions to Ask

Are you getting the most from your doctor visits? Do you understand why your doctor ordered that specific test? Are alternative approaches to medicine valid? The Imaginis Medical Care Resource Center provides answers to these questions and more. Click any topic to learn more.

How to Get the Most from Your Care

To get the most from your medical care, you need to take control of it. Being a proactive patient means being informed. The Proactive Patient Checklist in this section will help you get the most from your medical care.
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Understanding Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

MRI, CAT, X-ray, biopsy, bone densitometry, ultrasound--your doctor orders a test. What does the result tell the doctor? How is the procedure done? Will it cause discomfort or pain? This section describes many common procedures and answers those questions and more.
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Medical Tests For Women Over Age 40

As we age, we are at higher risk for certain conditions and diseases. The tests recommended for women over 40 help detect these problems and allow early diagnosis and treatment. If you are over 40, read this section.
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Medical Tests For Women Under Age 40

Younger women have different needs from older women. The tests recommended for women under 40 are designed to detect problems early. If you are under 40 (or have adult daughters under 40), read this section.
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Alternative/Complementary Medicine

An "alternative" therapy is used in place of traditional medicine. A "complementary" therapy is used as a supplement to traditional medicine. Learn more about both in this section.
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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is designed to "replace" a woman's depleting hormone levels during menopause. Recent studies have shown possible risks of long-term and certain types of HRT. Read this section to be informed when discussing HRT with your doctor.
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