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Mammographic Interpretation: A Practical Approach by Marc J. Homer, Edward A. Sickles (Introduction)

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The "how to" book on mammography with innovative format and content, this concisely written guide is designed to foster both the radiologist’s skill and confidence in interpreting mammograms. Technical, interpretive and controversial aspects of mammography are covered in a well-illustrated case study approach with the goal of improving the evaluation and management of breast disease. Revised and expanded to include more case studies, an overview of breast anatomy and physiology, and high quality mammograms. The diagnostic text is written for radiology students. The book presents and illustrates the principles of mammographic interpretation, and presents case examples illustrating the application of the principles. New information on breast implants and ultrasound is also included with halftone illustrations.

Publisher: McGraw Hill Text, Published January 1997
376 Pages, 2nd edition, Hardcover
ISBN: 0070297207
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