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Heart Disease News


Heart Disease Treatment Cost Predicted to Triple in U.S. by 2030


Study: Drug Therapy May Reduce Blood Clots in Patients with Heart Disease

Clinton's Recent Surgery Prompts Focus on Treating Heart Disease  


Heart Disease Awareness Month is Time to Focus on Heart Health


Aspirin May Have Different Heart Effects in Women Than in Men


U.S. FDA Approves In-Home Cardiac Defibrillator

Light Smoking Increases Risk of Heart Attack


Beer May Be Good for Cholesterol Levels

American Heart Association Not Revising Dietary Guidelines After Study on Atkins Diet

Researchers Explore How Fish May Decrease Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

FDA Approves Skin Cholesterol Test for Patients with Severe Heart Disease

Study: Discontinuing Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Harmful for Hospitalized Heart Disease Patients


Two Studies Identify Additional Factors Associated with Heart Disease

Many Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease, A Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease, Go Undiagnosed

Women Continue to Underestimate Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Mistakenly Believe That Cancer is Larger Threat

Change in Recommendation Regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy for the Heart

New Guidelines Emphasize Aggressive Measures to Lower Cholesterol in Millions of Americans

Scientists Use Adults Stem Cells To Repair Heart Attack Damage in Mice

Researchers Explore Link Between Low Bone Mineral Density and Stroke Risk in Women


Study Finds Patients Who Have "Mini Strokes" (TIAs) Should Seek Treatment Immediately

FDA Issues Warning on Ingredient Found in Many Diet and Cold Medications

Using Transplanted Nerve Cells To Treat Stroke Patients Shows Promise

Blood Test Helps Predict Heart Attack Risk in Post-Menopausal Women

Heart Disease in Women More Deadly Than Breast Cancer: Disease Attacks Women Differently Than Men


Artificial Arteries Grown by Researchers Pose Future Benefit for Coronary Bypass Surgery

Experimental Nerve Cells Implanted to Treat Stroke Victims