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General Breast Cancer Information

Note: The following directory of online government/nonprofit and commercial websites is provided merely as a reference to users. Imaginis does not endorse and takes no responsibility whatsoever for the information found on the following websites.

The American Breast Cancer Guide has information on a variety of topics related to breast cancer including risk factors, detection, genetics, and breast reconstructive surgery. This site also includes interviews with breast oncologists and breast cancer survivors. Actress Yasmine Bleeth discusses losing her mother to breast cancer in one of the articles. Users may also order their free American Breast Cancer Guide that provides detailed information on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

The Association of Cancer Online Resources is a nonprofit organization that provides 99 electronic mailing lists specifically designed to be public online support groups for a variety of diseases and conditions. Email lists include: breast cancer survivors, breast-onc (current advances in breast cancer research), cancer patients forum, cancer-fatigue (fatigue associated with cancer and cancer treatments), clinical trial notification, and many more. There are over one million subscribers to ACOR mailing lists.

Behind the Cancer Headlines is a collaboration between the Mid-Atlantic Breast Cancer Information Exchange (MABCIE) and a consortium of the medical writers and editors in the United States. goes "behind the cancer headlines" to provide educational articles that explain the most recent advances in cancer research and cutting-edge trends in diagnosis and treatment.

Breastdoc is an educational web site featuring the latest information on new techniques in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Deborah Axelrod, MD, Chief of the Comprehensive Breast Center at St. Vincents Medical Center in New York City, and Associate Professor of Surgery at New York Medical College established the site. provides an informative clinical presentation of signs and symptoms of serious breast conditions, different treatment options and several types of breast reconstruction. Dr. Axelrod recently co-authored the book, Bosom Buddies: Lessons and Laughter about Breast Health and Cancer, with Rosie O'Donnell and Tracy Chutorian-Semler.

Cancercare provides detailed information on breast cancer. Cancercare offers medical explanations of breast cancer and includes information on breast cancer detection with mammography, clinical trials, coping with side effects of treatment, alternative/complementary therapies, breast cancer advocacy, male breast cancer, and breast cancer and sexuality.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has several multi-modality cancer treatment centers across the United States. The centers provide cancer treatment, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy, holistic healing, radiation oncology and alternative cancer treatment to cancer patients and cancer survivors. The CTCA website provides information on cancer and services available at their centers.

EduCare Inc. provides patient information on breast cancer topics such as breast lumps, breast pain, nipple discharge, male breast cancer, partner support, recurrent breast cancer, spiritual aspects of cancer and more. Information is excerpted from books by Judy C. Kneece, RN, OCN (Helping Your Mate Face Breast Cancer and Your Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook). EduCare also offers consulting services to hospitals seeking strategic planning for comprehensive breast center development.

Lab Tests Online has been designed to help patients and caregivers better understand the many clinical lab tests that are part of routine care. The site also provides information about the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases. Users may search the site by lab test, condition/disease, or age group to find information about diseases and necessary medical tests.

Oncolink, a service of the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center (UPCC), provides updated information on breast cancer. Topics include general information on breast cancer, symptom management for patients, psychosocial support, a searchable database of all open UPCC clinical trials, and "cutting edge" information on cancer research. Some sections include patient questions that have been answered by the UPCC medical staff.

Physicians Desk Reference provides detailed information on an extensive list of drugs used to treat cancer. Users simply click on a drug of choice to learn the brand or generic name, the correct pronunciation, why the drug is prescribed, how to take the drug, possible side effects, special warnings, and much more. Examples of drugs include tamoxifen and herceptin. The PDR site also contains information on breast cancer prevention and other treatment options.