Recently, several government/nonprofit and commercial entities have made databases of clinical trial listings available online. These services benefit p Directory of Online Clinical Trial Listings and Services | Drug Trials & Studies/Drug Approval Process | Imaginis - The Women's Health & Wellness Resource Network

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Directory of Online Clinical Trial Listings and Services

Recently, several government/nonprofit and commercial entities have made databases of clinical trial listings available online. These services benefit patients and physicians by providing them with easy access to information on several clinical trials. Some commercial websites also offer free online services that match patients with relevant clinical trials based on information provided by patients. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that conduct trials often pay these companies to find patients for their trials while most government trials are usually listed on these sites as a public service. However, because these businesses are motivated by monetary incentives from companies that conduct clinical trials, patients should carefully discuss the benefits and risks of any clinical trial with their physicians prior to enrollment.

Note: The following organizations maintain databases of online clinical trial resources. This list of online government/nonprofit and commercial websites is provided merely as a convenience to users. Imaginis does not endorse and takes no responsibility whatsoever for the information found on the following websites or for any aspect of the clinical trials listed therein.

Government/Non-Profit Trials and Services:

  • cancerTrials: provides information and news about cancer research studies. The site is run by the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health of the United States Department of Health and Human Services,
  • provides an updated, comprehensive listing of clinical trials in the United States. The website is a service of the National Institutes of Health and was developed by the National Library of Medicine. Users may search for clinical trials by subject. Detailed information is provided about each trial, including the location of the trial and patient eligibility requirements,


Commercial Trials and Services:

  • Acurian: provides information on clinical trials and new drug therapies. Users may register online to receive email notifications of new clinical trials, news articles or drug information related to their condition. A personal library allows users to store information about specific clinical trials and ask specific questions to medical experts,
  • Amgen: provides general information on clinical trials. The site also lists several Amgen-sponsored clinical trials in locations throughout the United States and provides information on how to enroll. Trials cover a wide variety of conditions including cancer recurrence, lung cancer, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, pediatric sarcoma, and more. A separate section provides information for healthcare professionals. Amgen is a pharmaceutical company,
  • CancerConsultants: provides information on cancer and treatment options to assist patients and their families who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Cancerconsultants also partners with other businesses to help enroll patients in clinical trials. Patients can find relevant clinical trials by entering their cancer type and stage. Other features of the website include clinical trial news, a cancer store, and a cancer glossary of terms.
  • CenterWatch: provides a complete listing of clinical trials in the United States and other countries, sorted by subject or geographical location. CenterWatch is a Boston-based publishing and information services company,
  • Drug Study Central: provides access to information on a variety of clinical trials being conducted throughout the United States. The company recruits clinical trial participants on behalf of trials sponsors and research centers. Users may chose to be alerted by email when a new trial has been set up for a specific condition. Drug Study Central is funded by research centers, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations involved in clinical research,
  • EmergingMed: provides a clinical trials matching and referral service for cancer patients. Users create a "patient profile" and are then matched to appropriate clinical trials based on the information they provided. The company also provides general information on clinical trials,
  • HopeLink: provides a directory of clinical trials currently open for enrollment. Organizations that sponsor or conduct clinical trials can use the HopeLink service to increase exposure for trials that are currently open for enrollment. HopeLink is a software company,
  • Research Across America: has conducted over 500 clinical trials for more than 50 pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer care, cosmeceutical companies and research institutions. Their website provides general information on clinical trials. Patients interested in participating in one of their clinical trials should call 610.779.7061,


Updated: August 2010