The editorial process involves two key steps: (1) adding new content to the website and (2) updating existing content.

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Editorial Process

The editorial process involves two key steps: (1) adding new content to the website and (2) updating existing content.

1. New content is frequently added to the website, usually at the discretion of the editor. The editor continuously monitors new developments in women's health using a variety sources, including the mass media, media in major local markets, pharmaceutical companies, and nonprofit cancer/women's health organizations. The editor also regularly consults with the medical advisory board and management team to discuss ideas for new content. At times, the editor may consult with women's health professionals, patients, or survivors outside of the company for ideas/advice about new content.

When the management team has plans to add a new section of content (consisting of several articles) to the website, the editor performs research and develops a content outline, in consultation with the management team. The editor then develops specific content based on the outline.

2. Content published on the website is monitored by the editor and updated on a periodic, as needed basis. Specifically, the editor maintains a spreadsheet of all content published on, with dates when each article was last updated. The editor prioritizes content updates based on:

  • New research developments or announcements
  • The date content was last updated
  • Information from stakeholders within and outside of, including feedback from users, when appropriate

When new content is published or content is updated on, the following process is typically employed:

  • Editor performs research and creates draft of new/updated content
  • Editor sends content to the appropriate physician or medical expert on the medical advisory board for review
  • Editor works with the designated medical advisory board member to make any necessary additions, deletions, or changes to the content to ensure its accuracy and readability
  • Editor sends the completed product to the web administrator with instructions for publishing (and copies the management team)
  • Editor updates the content spreadsheet
  • Web administrator notifies the editor and management team that the new content has been published
  • Editor typically includes the new content in the next issue of the Women's Health Newsletter

Note: For some items, such as clear-cut news stories, a member of the medical advisory board does not conduct a formal review of the content, but instead, acts as a consult to the editor on an as needed basis.