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PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 14, 2007 - Imaginis Corporation continues its accumulation of awards and recognitions as a trusted Internet domain for women seeking information on breast cancer and other health topics. The company's most recent recognition comes from Dorland Healthcare Information, a nationally recognized publisher and leader in healthcare business information, which ranks the Imaginis Web site ( with above average scores, in the publisher's new guide to women's health resources on the Web.

The recently published Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide is a series of books that identifies, describes, filters, and rates the best Web sites on the 60 most common diseases and health conditions. It is the first publication by Dorland Healthcare that focuses on the Internet as a valuable resource for patient education.

A recent study by Nielsen/NetRatings of attitudes concerning health care information shows that the public considers the Internet as the most trustworthy media source. Research shows that more than 31.5 million consumers say the Internet is their first and primary learning resource for health information.

"The Web is saturated with health information," says Robert C. Smith, Jr., editor-in-chief of the Web site guide. "However, consumers need to exercise caution not to believe everything they read on the Web. As a result, we hope to provide Internet users confidence in the sites we recommend, based on our exhaustive research as an independent third party and the expertise of physicians, medical editors and Web site analysts," Smith says.

Health information gathering on the Web is nearly universal among women over 18 years old. Today, many of these women - especially those with breast cancer - are getting to know Imaginis and its Web site well. The company's comprehensive Web content helps women and their families understand their options, as they relate to cancer, and make informed decisions on prevention and treatment.

Imaginis CEO John H. Molloy says his company estimates that approximately one-third of the women in the U.S. who are diagnosed with breast cancer visit some time during the first 12 months of diagnosis.

"We are pleased that Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide included Imaginis in its review, and that we received such a good recommendation," Molloy says. "The ranking validates our effort to provide the most credible online health information."

About Imaginis
Imaginis Corporation is an independent company that provides reliable and relevant in-depth information on breast cancer and related women's health topics. Its award-winning Web site,, continually provides updated physician-edited health information, and explains complicated medical terms in everyday language to help patients understand options to make informed decisions on prevention and treatment.

About Dorland Healthcare Information
Dorland Healthcare Information (DHI), based in Philadelphia, is a nationally recognized publisher known as the leader in healthcare business information for the past 50 years. DHI publishes several magazines - enrich, your Health & Life distributed quarterly to over 1,000,000 consumers, Case in Point for medical professionals in case management, and the Good Neighbor Health Guide for multi-cultural marketing. DHI also publishes a variety of industry print and online reference books, such as the Case Management Resource Guide; Dorland's Medical Directory; Medical & Healthcare Marketplace Guide and Dorland's Healthcare Website Guide.

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