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Sports Injuries: "prevention is the best cure!"

Football (soccer) players kneeNew sports medicine techniques are allowing sensational come backs by all types of athletes from all kinds of injuries. Proper diet, lifestyle and appropriate exercise are at the root of all health care. Athletes are reminded that "prevention is the best cure" and that proper stretching and warming up is critical before any exercise or sports activity. Nutritional energy level and proper hydration are also key for good athletic or physical performance.

If an athlete does injure a knee, ankle, shoulder or other joint in the course of the game, he or she must take treatment, rest and rehabilitation just as seriously as their sport. Sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons can work near miracles, but rehabilitation and future preventive preparation are vital for any athletes to return to the game they love. And if an athlete is injured and needs surgery, early imaging diagnosis of the condition is key to providing the fastest, most pain free recovery.

People are reminded to speak to their doctor before starting any new fitness regimen or sports activity. Your physician or physical training coach may be able to offer you new programs to strengthen and condition your body and help you prevent sports related injuries.

Updated: November 2, 2007