Spring into Good Health
Spring is the perfect time to take control of your health. As we age, chances for disease increase. Howe Imaginis April 2011 Newsletter | Newsletter 2011 | Imaginis - The Women's Health & Wellness Resource Network

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Imaginis April 2011 Newsletter

Spring into Good Health
Spring is the perfect time to take control of your health. As we age, chances for disease increase. However, if detected early, many diseases, including many early stages of cancer, can be treated successfully. It is especially important then that women maintain good physical health by maintaining a well-balanced diet, exercising, and receiving regular medical tests. Medical experts have different recommendations for medical testing depending on a woman’s age. Imaginis provides comprehensive information on health prevention, screening, and treatment. Explore Imaginis today.

FDA Decides to Reject Avastin for Breast Cancer Treatment

The FDA has decided to remove the breast cancer indication from the Avastin label, citing that the drug has not be shown to be safe or effective in breast cancer patients. Avatin has been on the market for 2 years to treat breast cancer, but an advisory panel to the FDA recommended last July that the drug Avastin no longer be administered to breast cancer patients along with chemotherapy. Researchers on the panel found no meaningful benefit for patients who took Avastin and believed the toxicity of the drug outweigh positive effects.

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Study: HPV Test Beneficial in Detecting Cervical Abnormalities

Results of a new study find that tests for the human papillomavirus (HPV) may be more effective at detecting cervical abnormalities than the traditional pap test. HPV is a common sexually-transmitted disease, some strains of which increase the risk for cervical cancer. The study found that the HPV tests were more accurate at detecting abnormal cervical cell changes than the Pap test. The researchers concluded that while the number of cases of cervical cancer was small in the study, the findings are of importance regarding cancer prevention.

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Coping with Breast Pain

Breast pain (mastalgia) is the most common breast related complaint among women; nearly 70% of women experience breast pain at some point in their lives. Breast pain may occur in one or both breasts or in the underarm (axilla) region of the body. The severity of breast pain varies from woman to woman; approximately 15% of women require treatment. Learn about the causes of breast pain, and how it is evaluated and treated.

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