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Dear Abby

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Dear Abby,

My mother sent me the following [Dear Abby] letter:

"Dear Abby, I am a mammographer. I do screening and diagnostic mammograms for a living. I have a problem ... I am asked several times a day, "Is this all you do, ALL DAY LONG?" I find this question extremely irritating. I save lives. ... Abby, how would you respond? FRUSTRATED AND UNAPPRECIATED"

I am the head of the Breast Health Specialists website. We feel so strongly about this topic of quality mammographers making a key difference in breast health, we wrote a new section about it at: Breast size, shape and breast tissue density is different for every woman. Achieving an optimal mammogram image requires skill and careful attention to several factors by the mammography technologist and radiologist. While the work done by the mammography technologist may seem "routine," the skill and care of a good mammography technologist is vital to achieving an optimal mammogram.


Applauding Mammographers!
Shawl Lobree - CEO