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Directory of Breast Prosthesis Manufacturers and Shops

The following companies sell breast prostheses (artificial breast forms) and/or other post-mastectomy products. Contact information is listed below. Some companies also have their own websites that provide additional information on these products, including information on how to order items. This list of resources is provided merely as a convenience to users. Imaginis does not endorse and takes no responsibility whatsoever for the information or products found on the following websites.

 Click here for general information about breast prostheses and post-mastectomy products.

Active, Inc.
892 Wakefield Drive
Plainwell, MI 49080
Telephone: 1.800.562.4290 or 616.685.2900
Fax: 616.685.2924

3960 Rosslyn Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Telephone: 513.271.4594 or 1.800.888.0458
Fax: 1.800.309.9055 or 513.271.4747

Amoena/Coloplast Corporation
1955 W Oak Circle
Marietta, GA 30062
Telephone: 770.281.8400, 1.800.726.6362, or 770.281.8501
Email: [email protected]

Bosom Buddy
B&B Company, Inc.
PO Box 5731, Dept. 842
2417 Bank Drive, Suite 201
Boise, ID 83705
Telephone: 208.343.9696
Fax: 208.343.9266

Bras for Body and Soul
P.O. Box 3273
Fremont, CA 94539
Telephone: 510.490.7685
Email: [email protected]
mastectomy bras, prostheses, after-surgery softees

The Butterfly BTQ
1219 N. Main Street
McAllen, TX 78501
Telephone: 1.800.439.8636 or 956.631.8636
Email: [email protected]
mastectomy bras, prostheses, swimwear

Camp Healthcare
PO Box 89
Jackson, MI 49204-0089
Telephone: 517.787.1600
Fax: 517.789.3299 or 1.800.245.3765

Classique, Inc.
12277 S.W. 55 St., Suite 905
Carper City, FL 33330
Telephone: 1.800.327.1332 or 305.871.6580
Fax: 305.871.6361 or 305.736.3474

Contour Med
2821 Kavanaugh Blvd., Suite 2
Little Rock, AR 72205
Telephone: 501.907.0530, 1.888.301.0520
Fax: 501.907.0533

CW Healthcare
1926 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104
Telephone: 1.888.645.0026, 651.645.0010
Fax: 651.645.2285

Enell, Inc.
PO Box 808
317 Second St.
Havre, MT 59501
Telephone: 1.800.828.7661 or 406.265.8250
Fax: 406.265.5909
E-mail: [email protected]
sports bras

900 W Chicago Road
Sturgis, MI 49091-0430
Telephone: 616.651.2371 or 1.800.253.2091
Fax: 616.651.8248

Jodee Bra, Inc.
3100 N 29th Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33020
Telephone: 1.800.865.6333 (office), 1.800.423.9038 (retail) or 1.800.821.2767 (mail order)
Fax: 954.926.1926

Ladies First, Inc.
Softee Comfort Form
PO Box 4400
Salem, OR 97302
Telephone: 1.800.497.8285
Fax: 503.363.1985
Email: [email protected]

Medesign GmbH
Partnachplatz 7
D-81373 M√ľnchen (Germany)

Mystique Intimates
5816 Stiring Rd.
Hollywood, FL 33021
Telephone: 1.888.966.7068
Fax: 1.954.480.6336
Email: [email protected]

Nearly You
PO BOX 2452
Rockwall,TX 75087
discount mastectomy bras, prostheses

Nordstrom, Inc.
Non-assigned Medicare provider
Department store locations throughout U.S. (see website address below)
Telephone: contact nearest store (see website address below)
prostheses, mastectomy bras

O.M.T. Ltd.
61 Herring Cove Rd.
Halifax, NS B3N 1P9
Telephone: (toll free) 866-4SOUBRA (476-8272)
Fax: 902-494-2319
Email: [email protected]
Breast prosthesis support

Otto Bock Health Care
3000 Xenium Lane North
Minneapolis, MN 55441
Telephone: 763.553.9464 or 800.328.4058
Fax: 763.519.6150 or 800.962.2549
Prostheses, mastectomy bras, skin care products

Spenco Medical Corporation
6301 Imperial Dr.
Waco, TX 76712
Telephone: 817.772.6000, 1.800.877.3626
Fax: 254.662.1760
Email: [email protected]

Susan's Special Needs
Address: 24052 Woodward Avenue
Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069
Telephone: 248-544-4287 or 800-497-7005
Fax: 248-544-4535
Email: [email protected]
mastectomy bras

Tender Loving Care
American Cancer Society
1599 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
Ordering Address: 340 Poplar St.
Hanover, PA 17333-0080
Telephone: 1.800.850.9445
also sells wigs, turbans, mastectomy bras

The Total Woman Boutique
P.O. Box 38071
Charleston, SC 29414
Telephone: 877.849.6626
mastectomy bras, prostheses, camisoles, swimwear

Women's Health Boutique
Locations throughout U.S. (see website address below)
Telephone: 800.236.1942
Email: [email protected]
Mastectomy bras and swimwear, prostheses, lymphedema garments

The Woman's Personal Health Resource
400 Route 59
Monsey, NY 10952
Telephone: 877.463.1343 - toll free
Email: [email protected]
Mastectomy items, wigs, partial hair pieces, compression stockings, incontinent garments and skin care for women being treated with chemotherapy.

A Woman's Place
Northside Hospital
1000 Johnson Ferry Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
Telephone: 404-845-5125
Fax: 404-845-5405
Web site:

 Click here for general information about breast prostheses and post-mastectomy products.