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Big Bam

Big Bam!

Big Bam! ( is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate young women about breast cancer. While the majority of breast cancer cases occur in women over 50 years of age, there is a growing concern about breast cancer in younger women. According to Big Bam!, the incidence of breast cancer in young women increased by approximately 55% between 1950 and 1995 and continues to rise at a rate of 2% each year.

Breast cancer survivor Janice Bonadio is the Founder of Big Bam! Bonadio was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27 and says the goal of Big Bam! is to cater information and attention to young women at high risk of breast cancer. To this end, Big Bam! hosts dynamic events across the United States to raise funds for free mammograms, surgeries and treatments for uninsured women with breast cancer, and to educate women under 40 about breast health. The Fashion and Music Series, MIND-BODY-SELF Festival, Workout in the Park Series (with SELF magazine), and Bi-Coastal Bash (with SHAPE) are examples of recent events organized by Big Bam! To learn more Big Bam! events, please visit

Race for the Cure

Click to visit race for the cureRace for the Cure (, sponsored by The Susan G. Komen Foundation, organizes 5K runs to help support national breast cancer research efforts and local breast cancer initiatives. The Race for the Cure helps us remember loved ones who were stolen from us by breast cancer. It is about personal participation and contribution to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer, as well as celebrating those who had faced the disease.

The Race for the Cure series has become the largest series of 5K runs in the United States, held in 99 cities across the United States in 1999. The Race for the Cure website provides users with dates, cities, and contact information for upcoming races. Proceeds from the Race for the Cure Series fund both national research efforts and local breast cancer initiatives. A majority of the proceeds fund community programs related to breast health education, screening and treatment, and are based on specific area needs determined by local Komen Foundation representatives. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds fund national breast cancer research and project grants. is proud to join in Race for the Cure events around the U.S..

Fund the Fight, Find a Cure

Click to learn moreThe "Fund the Fight, Find a Cure" semi-postal stamp was released to help fund breast cancer research. The stamp's introduction was a direct result of the efforts of Ernie Bodai, MD, a Breast Health Specialist who has treated over 2,000 women with breast cancer over the last 15 years. The U.S. Postal Service reports that as of July 2000, sales of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp have raised $15 million to help breast cancer research. The Breast Cancer Research stamp sells for $0.40 instead of the normal $0.34 for a first class stamp. The additional $0.06 goes to National Institutes of Health and the Defense Department for breast cancer research. A "normal" book of 20 first class stamps costs $6.80. A book of 20 Breast Cancer Research stamps costs $8.00. In support of this effort, uses Breast Cancer stamps for postage on outgoing mail.

The American Breast Cancer Foundation

Visit donates annually to the American Breast Cancer Foundation ( The American Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit foundation devoted to helping women fight breast cancer through education and screening mammography. Recognizing that there was not enough attention or aid given to women affected by breast cancer, Phyllis Wolf co-founded the Foundation with the goal of bringing personal attention to those in need of support, while reaching out to the many women who do not know help is available.

The American Breast Cancer Foundation sponsors a "Save A Life" Campaign to provide free mammograms to thousands of women who otherwise could not afford them. Volunteers give seminars and send out hundreds of thousands of newsletters about breast cancer awareness, the importance of screening mammography and the free mammography service offered by the Foundation. Applications for assistance for receiving a free mammogram are available on their website at Once the application is submitted and received, an individual telephone interview will be conducted to determine the nature of assistance based on the women’s need. Women may also call the foundation directly toll free at 877-Key -2- Life (877-539-2543).

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