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New Product: BustBuddies Helps Alleviate Breast-Feeding and Surgical Pain (dateline November 10, 2003)

It is estimated that approximately 60% of mothers breast-feed their children. While breast-feeding offers many benefits, many women experience some problems or side effects during breast-feeding, including breast swelling, sore nipples, plugged milk ducts, or even infection. BustBuddies is a new product designed to help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with breast-feeding conditions as well as the after-effects of breast surgery. A uniquely designed, reusable thermal gel pack, BustBuddies can be heated or cooled and used on the breast alone or inserted into the bra.
Image Courtesy Maternal Care

The American Academy of Pediatricians and the National Association of Pedriatic Nurses Associates and Practitioners recommend breast-feeding as much as possible during the baby’s first year. Not only is breast-feeding a unique bonding experience between mother and child, but studies have shown that breast-feeding may help protect against infant ear infections, allergies, diarrhea, eczema, bacterial meningitis, and other serious illnesses. Research has also shown that breast-feeding reduces infant anemia (iron deficiency in the blood) and stomach or intestinal infections.

Despite its benefits, many women experience some problems during breast-feeding. Side effects or complications of breast-feeding may include:

  • Sore nipples
  • Breast swelling (engorgement)
  • Fatigue
  • Poor let-down reflex (milk-ejection reflex): a sometimes stinging or painful sensation while the milk is being expelled
  • Blocked milk ducts
  • Mastitis (breast infection)

Maternal Care, the distributor of BustBuddies (patent pending), is owned and operated by three women, Whitney Noonan, Kris Mayer and Michele Norwood, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The three women came up with BustBuddies after alleviating engorgement and swelling during their breast-feeding experiences with bags of frozen peas. According to the women, BustBuddies treats both common and uncommon breast-feeding problems and offers benefits such as:

  • Reducing swelling around the breast area and effectively treat engorgement
  • Aiding recovery from infection (mastitis)
  • Stimulating milk "let down"
  • Dilating plugged milk ducts which could lead to infection if not treated
  • Treating and comforting weaning breasts

BustBuddies is made from a non-toxic thermal gel and features a soft, medical fabric-covered side. Women simply heat or cool the gel pack and place on the breast to relieve discomfort associated with breast-feeding. BustBuddies can also be used as an anti-inflammatory aid after breast surgery. Instructions on how to use BustBuddies, according to specific condition, are available on the Maternal Care website (see link below). BustBuddies sells for $18.99 plus shipping and handling charges.

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