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Arimidex May Be More Successful Than Tamoxifen in Post-Menopausal Breast Cancer Patients Dec 30, 1999
Benign Breast Disease Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk Dec 30, 1999
FDA Panel Recommends Approval of Digital Mammography Dec 22, 1999
New Study Reveals Near 0100% Survival Rate in DCIS Patients Regardless of Treatment Dec 22, 1999
USA Today Reporter Who Published Breast Cancer Journal Dies Dec 16, 1999
New Chemotherapy Drug, Docetaxel, Could Benefit Breast Cancer Patients Dec 13, 1999
Breast Cancer Survivors to Climb Japan’s Mount Fuji Dec 13, 1999
Daily alcohol consumption may increase breast cancer risk Dec 07, 1999
Elderly women need more aggressive breast cancer treatment Dec 01, 1999
New biomarker discovered that may detect breast cancer Nov 30, 1999
FDA approves Aromasin for use in post-menopausal breast cancer patients Nov 22, 1999
Climb Against the Odds: Breast cancer survivors climb Mount McKinley Nov 22, 1999 Launches First Internet Mammography Second Opinion Service Nov 19, 1999
Bosom Buddies:  Lessons and Laughter on Breast Health and Cancer by Rosie O'Donnell and Deborah Axelrod Nov 17, 1999
Experimental microwave treatment may reduce breast cancer surgeries Nov 12, 1999
Nov 11, 1999
FDA approves Taxol for early breast cancer treatment Nov 10, 1999
Non-toxic drug fenretinide may reduce recurrent breast cancer Nov 05, 1999
Researchers skeptical about link between breast cancer and dry cleaning, lawn service Oct 28, 1999
Rescued from the South Pole, Dr. Nielsen confirms she has breast cancer Oct 26, 1999
Researchers will begin testing endostatin on cancer patients Oct 26, 1999
Genetic testing may lead to less invasive treatment of early breast cancer Oct 22, 1999
Fibrin sealant reduces fluid accumulation after breast surgery Oct 21, 1999
Update: Doctor with breast cancer rescued from South Pole Oct 18, 1999
False rumor says antiperspirants cause breast cancer Oct 14, 1999
Update: Attempt to rescue doctor with breast cancer at South Pole is delayed Oct 13, 1999
New study on early high-dose chemotherapy reveals improved breast cancer survival Oct 13, 1999
Clinical breast exams can be improved with more standardization Oct 12, 1999
FDA approves Sensibility(TM) breast self-examination pad Oct 11, 1999
Drug Industry Prepares for Y2K Rush on Prescription Medicines Oct 11, 1999
Doctor with breast cancer will be air-lifted from South Pole Oct 06, 1999
FDA Approves ELLENCE, A New Breast Cancer Treatment Sep 16, 1999

New research sheds light on why women build resistance to tamoxifen breast cancer therapy Jul 30, 1999

Race for the Cure - My three hour introduction to a wonderful movement Jun 06, 1999

New guidelines help doctors determine which women should be offered tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer May 18, 1999

New FDA Mammography Act Requires Facilities to Provide Written Results to Patients within 30 days Apr 28, 1999

Duke University Study Renews Hope For Use of Angiostatin to Shrink Cancer Tumors Mar 16, 1999
New Breast Cancer Treatment Information Resource for Patients Mar 01, 1999