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Older Women May Need More Information about Breast Cancer Screening May 23,2010
At Least One-Third of Cancers May be Preventable Feb 17, 2010
Large Study Reveals Benefits of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Feb 15, 2010
Study: Drug Therapy May Reduce Blood Clots in Patients with Heart Disease Jan 24, 2010
Study: Breastfeeding Lowers Breast Cancer Risk in Women with Family History of the Disease Jan 23, 2010


July 2009
Report Documents Trends in American Youths' Health Jul 16, 2009
April 2009
No Difference between Red and White Wine, Study Finds Both Can Increase Breast Cancer Risk Apr 28, 2009
March 2009
Landmark Report: Significantly Number of Cancer Cases Could Be Reduced Mar 29, 2009
Multivitamins Unlikely to Reduce Post-menopausal Women's Risk of Cancer or Heart Disease Mar 28, 2009
New Test Could Improve Breast-Conserving Surgery Mar 25, 2009
February 2009
Early Breast Cancer Education May Reduce Deaths Feb 22, 2009
Study: Breast Cancer Patients with Small, HER2-Positive Cancers May Need Additional Treatment Feb 19, 2009
Ernie Bodai, M.D., F.A.C.S., Joins Imaginis Medical Advisory Board Feb 11, 2009


December 2008
Study Suggests Side Effects Can Help Determine Whether Breast Cancer Drug is Working Dec 30, 2008
Study Suggests Latina Women Seek More Information about Breast Cancer Treatment Dec 28, 2008
November 2008
Study Finds Breast Cancer Recurrence Best Treated with Mastectomy Nov 21, 2008
October 2008
Survey: Many People Hold Misperceptions about Cancer Risks and Treatment Oct 31, 2008
Olivia Newton-John and Imaginis Lead Awareness Campaign To Battle Breast Cancer Oct 6, 2008
Fund the Fight: Help Stamp Out Breast Cancer Oct 1, 2008
September 2008
National Mammography Day is October 17 Sep 29, 2008
August 2008
New Test Approved to Determine Whether Breast Cancer Patients Would Benefit from Certain Treatment Aug 25, 2008
Researchers Learning Why Breast Cancer May be More Aggressive in Young Women Aug 23, 2008
July 2008
Study: Drug Used to Protect Bone May Also Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence Jul 29, 2008
Poorer Patients More Likely to Die After Cancer Diagnosis Jul 27, 2008
June 2008
Survey: Many Women Unaware of Potential Benefit of Breast Feeding on Breast Cancer Risk Jun 29, 2008
Dose Verification System Helps Radiologists Minimize Risks to Breast Cancer Patients Jun 8, 2008
Study: Vitamin D May Influence Breast Cancer Outcome Jun 7, 2008
May 2008
Life Expectancy Decreasing in the United States for Some Groups May 27, 2008
Study: Shorter Radiation Regimen May be Effective for Early-Stage Breast Cancer May 25, 2008
April 2008
Researchers Explore Possibility of Breast Cancer Blood Test Apr 28, 2008
March 2008
Taking Femara After Tamoxifen May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence Mar 18, 2008
February 2008
FDA Approves Avastin for Breast Cancer Treatment Feb 26, 2008
January 2008
Researchers Find that More Than Three Years of Hormone Replacement Therapy May Increase Risk of Lobular Breast Cancer Jan 23, 2008
Report: Americans without Health Insurance Less Likely to Survive Cancer Jan 21, 2008
Researchers Continue to Investigate Link between Diet and Cancer Jan 6, 2008
Research Moving Toward Personalizing Breast Cancer Treatment Jan 4, 2008


December 2007
Study: Breast Cancer Risk May Have Been Underestimated in African-American Women Dec 7, 2007
November 2007
FDA Approves Raloxifene for Women with Invasive Breast Cancer Nov 12, 2007
October 2007
Simple Blood Test May Indicate Whether Breast Cancer Treatment is Working Oct 29, 2007
Survey Illustrates What Women Don't Know about Breast Cancer Oct 13, 2007
October 19 is National Mammography Day Oct 11, 2007
September 2007
Study Finds Women Stop Taking Breast Cancer Drug Due to Side Effects Sep 30, 2007
August 2007
Researchers Investigating Breast Cancer Vaccine Aug 26, 2007
Researchers Seeking More Minority Women for "Sister Study" on Breast Cancer Risk Factors Aug 25, 2007
July 2007
New Breast Chek® Kit Helps Women Perform Self-Exams Jul 29, 2007
Consensus Statement Released on Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Jul 29, 2007
Study Reveals Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Jul 27, 2007
June 2007
Booklet Provides Assistance for Older Patients Living with Cancer Jun 25, 2007
Four Studies Reveal Advances in Women's Cancer Research Jun 24, 2007
National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund Accepting Applications for Best Practices Awards in Breast Cancer Advocacy Jun 22, 2007
Study: Breast Cancer May be More Deadly in Men Jun 3, 2007
Study Finds That Fewer Women Are Getting Mammograms Jun 1, 2007
May 2007
Number of Breast Cancer Cases Continue to Decline May 16, 2007
FDA Approves New Breast Cancer Drug, Tykerb May 14, 2007
April 2007
Study: Switching Breast Cancer Drugs during Treatment Could Increase Survival Apr 30, 2007
Lifetime Television Leads Effort to End 'Drive-Through Mastectomies' as U.S. Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act is Reintroduced Apr 28, 2007
MRI Screening Recommended for Some Women at Very High Risk of Breast Cancer Apr 22, 2007
American Cancer Society Still Recommends That Women Begin Annual Mammograms at Age 40 Apr 20, 2007
March 2007
Study: Many Breast Cancer Patients Quit Treatment with Tamoxifen Mar 31, 2007
FDA Approves Test to Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence Mar 29, 2007
February 2007
Menopause Society Discusses Benefits and Risks of Using Hormone Replacement Therapy Feb 22, 2007
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gains Support Feb 13, 2007
January 2007
Study: Younger Women May Have Better Chances of Surviving Ovarian Cancer Jan 21, 2007
Breast Cancer Deaths Declining Jan 20, 2007


December 2006
FDA Approves Herceptin for Early Stage Breast Cancer after Surgery Dec 5, 2006
FDA Approves Use of Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants Dec 3, 2006
November 2006
Study Finds Link between Red Meat and Breast Cancer Nov 31, 2006
October 2006
Study Finds Breast Cancer Screening Saves Lives Oct 23, 2006
Researchers Discovery Hundreds of Genes Involved with Breast and Colorectal Cancers Oct 22, 2006
August 2006
Study: Cigarette Smoke Can Damage Normal Breast Cells Aug 31, 2006
Most Americans Don't Know What Screening Tests They Need Aug 28, 2006
July 2006
Talking to Children About a Breast Cancer Diagnosis. By Dr. Shenin Sachedina Jul 18, 2006
National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund Invites Applications for Awards Jul 2, 2006
June 2006
Estrogen Replacement Therapy May Not Increase Women's Risk of Breast Cancer Jun 13, 2006
April 2006
Osteoporosis Drug, Raloxifene, Shows Promise in Preventing Breast Cancer Apr 30, 2006
Update: Over 25,000 Enrolled in Sister Study on Breast Cancer Apr 23, 2006
Study: Radiation Therapy Saves Lives After Breast-Conserving Surgery Apr 2, 2006
March 2006
Study Questions Health Benefits of Low-Fat Diet, but Offers Some Positive News About Breast Cancer Risk Mar 31, 2006
February 2006
Breast Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines Updated Feb 17, 2006
FDA Approves Femara for Early-stage Breast Cancer Feb 15, 2006
January 2006
Another Study Finds Removing Fewer Lymph Nodes Effective At Reducing Side Effects of Breast Cancer Surgery Jan 26, 2006
Update: Herceptin Significantly Reduces Chances of Breast Cancer Recurrence for Select Women Jan 22, 2006


December 2005
Report: Cancer Death Rates Continue to Decline Dec 12, 2005
Study: Mammography and Drug Treatments Reduce Deaths from Breast Cancer Dec 04, 2005
Pregnant Women Warned Not to Take Breast Cancer Drug, Femara Dec 03, 2005
November 2005
Breast Cancer Survivor Takes Readers on Her Journey in an Inspiring New Book Nov 13, 2005
September 2005
October 21 is National Mammography Day Sep 29, 2005
Study: Digital Mammography Better Than Standard Mammography at Detecting Breast Cancer in Some Women Sep 23, 2005
Study: Exercise May Improve Breast Cancer Survival Sep 11, 2005
Study: Rates of Non-Invasive Breast Cancers Increasing Sep 05, 2005
August 2005
Lifetime Television Leads Effort to End 'Drive-Through Mastectomies' Aug 21, 2005
July 2005
Study: Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Help Prevent Breast Cancer July 7, 2005
May 2005
Low-Fat Diet May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Returning May 26, 2005
U.S. Government Clinical Trials Find Herceptin an Effective 'Targeted' Treatment for Breast Cancer May 10, 2005
April 2005
Report: Secondhand Smoke May Increase Breast Cancer Risk and Other Health Problems Apr 12, 2005
Study Suggests Heavy Weight May Adversely Affect Breast Cancer Survival Apr 10, 2005
February 2005
Mastectomy Patients Increase Odds of Survival with Chemotherapy and Radiation Feb 28, 2005
Treating Breast Cancer with Tamoxifen May Also Protect the Heart Feb 25, 2005
Large Study Shows Femara May Be More Effective Than Tamoxifen at Treating Early-Stage Breast Cancer Feb 21, 2005
January 2005
FDA Approves New Drug, Abraxane, for Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer Jan 16, 2005


December 2004
Arimidex Appears To Be Better Choice Than Tamoxifen Alone to Treat Early-Stage Breast Cancer Dec 21, 2004
Study: Many Women Diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer Do Not Undergo Regular Screening Dec 19, 2004
November 2004
Study: Oral Contraceptives Do Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk, Lower Heart Disease Risk Nov 30, 2004
Sister Study Examines Breast Cancer Risk Factors Nov 28, 2004
October 2004
Study: Implants Obscure Breast Cancer on Mammograms But Don’t Lead to More Advanced Diagnoses Oct 24, 2004
October 15 is National Mammography Day Oct 3, 2004
September 2004
Study: Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs, Statins, Do Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk Sep 18, 2004
Women with Breast Cancer Gene Mutations May Need Frequent Screening Sep 15, 2004
June 2004
Study Finds Breast Cancer Survival Improving Despite Recurrence Jun 7, 2004
May 2004
Cancer Deaths Expected to Decrease in 2004 May 30, 2004
Small Study Shows Antidepressants May Interfere with Tamoxifen May 28, 2004
Study: Genetic Testing Prior to Breast Cancer Treatment Influences Decisions about Preventive Measures on Opposite Breast May 4, 2004
Radiation Therapy Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrence, Improves Survival After Lumpectomy May 1, 2004
March 2004
Chemotherapy Regimen Shows Promise in Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients Mar 21, 2004
Report Highlights Trends in Breast Cancer Incidence Among Ethnicities Mar 8, 2004
Study: Femara and Arimidex Useful in Advanced Breast Cancer Mar 3, 2004
February 2004
Debate about Safety of Pregnancy After Breast Cancer Feb 24, 2004
Another Hormone Replacement Therapy Study Stopped Due to Breast Cancer Recurrence Concerns Feb 11, 2004
Study: Analyzing Screening for Breast Cancer by Analyzing Cells from Breast Ducts Has Limitations Feb 8, 2004
January 2004
Cancer Deaths Expected to Decrease in 2004 Jan 27, 2004
Study Shows Breast Cancer Risk Among BRCA Gene Carriers is High Jan 24, 2004
Aromasin May Be Effective in Women with Advanced Breast Cancer Jan 18, 2004
More Mammogram Results Questioned in U.S. Compared to U.K. Jan 15, 2004
Breast Cancer Drug, Femara, Dramatically Improves Survival Odds When Taken After Tamoxfen Jan 06, 2004
Tamoxifen Effective in Obese and Lean Women Jan 03, 2004


December 2003
Bisphosponate Drugs Helpful in Breast Cancer Patients Whose Cancer Has Spread to the Bone Dec 21, 2003
Study: Modest Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk Dec 20, 2003
Study: Antihistamines Do Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk Dec 08, 2003
Study Confirms Equal Survival Chances Among Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients Despite Surgery Type Dec 06, 2003
New Report Highlights Cancer Trends in the U.S. Dec 03, 2003
November 2003
Task Force Finds No Benefit of Vitamin Supplements in Preventing Heart Disease or Cancer Nov 23, 2003
Soft Pad Helps Reduce Mammography Pain Nov 21, 2003
New Product: BustBuddies Helps Alleviate Breast-Feeding and Surgical Pain Nov 10, 2003
October 2003
Million Women Study Finds Increased Breast Cancer Risk Among Women Who Use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Oct 31, 2003
Study Finds Radiation Therapy May be Better Than Tamoxifen for Early-Stage Breast Cancer Oct 25, 2003