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Breast Cancer - Symptoms & Treatment Resources

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women today. The Imaginis Breast Cancer Resource Center provides you with a wealth of information including in-depth information about breast cancer symptoms and breast cancer treatment. Our breast cancer resources give you the knowledge to make informed decisions. Click any topic to learn more.

General Information on Breast Cancer

Read about the main types of breast cancer, risk factors, statistics, breast cancer symptoms and more. What is the truth about breast cancer and what are the myths?

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Breast Cancer Screening/Prevention

The early detection can be key to survival. This topic discusses the exams used for screening, breast cancer symptoms and preventive measures for women at high risk of the disease.

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosing breast cancer is a process that usually begins with a mammogram or physical exam. Follow the diagnostic process in this section, including recent advances in breast imaging and breast biopsy.

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Breast Cancer Treatment

Women diagnosed with breast cancer face a variety of treatment options, each with their own side effects. This section helps you understand treatment options as well as several aspects to consider before and after breast cancer treatment.

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Resources and Support

Coping with a breast cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment is a stressful period in a woman´s life. Resources and support are available to help breast cancer patients, survivors, family and friends.

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The Imaginis Breast Health Team reports on the latest breast cancer news, research and advances in treatment. Background information makes the sometimes technical material easy to understand.

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