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Screening Mammography: Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Asymptomatic Women by E. James Potchen, MD, Svane Gunilla, Arlene Sierra, and Edward Azavedo

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Effective diagnosis of early breast cancer requires that the disease be detected in the nonpalpable stage. Mammography is the only proven method to effectively screen healthy women for nonpalpable breast cancer. Most systems of breast cancer diagnosis result in producing many indeterminate mammograms. The management of those women with an indeterminate mammogram has, at times, led to unnecessary breast surgery. At the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, a system of breast care has been designed that includes women selected for screening, specific criteria with select categories for interpretation of mammographic abnormalities, and, finally, stereotaxic fine-needle aspiration cytology to evaluate the indeterminate lesion prior to surgical biopsy. This system, when combined with knowledge of the ambient frequency of breast carcinoma in the population under study, allows physicians to maximize the detection rate of early breast carcinoma and minimize the false-positive interpretation of mammograms. This book is designed to present an overview of the system of breast cancer diagnosis currently being used at the Karolinska Institute, in addition to a review of the evidence that supports the use of screening mammography and the risk factors associated with breast cancer.

Publisher: Mosby - Year Book; Published January 1993
556 Pages, Ist Edition, Hardcover
ISBN: 0801664888
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