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Mammographic Image Analysis: Computational Imaging and Vision (Computational Imaging and Vision, V. 14) by Ralph Highnam, Michael Brady

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The authors of this work are two image analysts from Oxford University and intend their account of the practice to be accessible to a wide range of professionals involved with breast cancer. Therefore, they have kept as much of the mathematics as possible safely quarantined from the text in boxes. Based on the belief that the high levels of reliability demanded of mammographic image analysis require techniques specific to mammography by any imaging technique, the authors develop a model-based approach based on x-ray mammography, illustrate how it can be used, and develop a model for contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging mammography. The models themselves are for image formation, contrast agent take up, anatomy, and pathology.

Publisher: Kluwer Academic Pub; Published May 1999
ISBN: 0792356209
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