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The Handbook of Mammography by Shirley M. Long, Margaret A Botsco, Dennis R. Long (Illustrator), Linda L Martin, Louise C Miller

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The Handbook of Mammography, 4th edition, has been designed for the technical community as a reference and guide for technologists, residents, radiologists and other related professionals. It is an invaluable yet concise reference "handbook" for mammographers. This publication has been approved by the ASRT for 10 'Category A' C.E. credits. The post-test can be accessed at Mammography Consulting Services Ltd.'s Web page. It is also the required textbook for the C.A.M.R.T. Mammography Correspondence Courses. This hard-covered "handbook" contains an abundance of illustrations and photographic representations of mammographic positions. It is a complete reference handbook for mammographers that has recently been revised to reflect ACR / CAR standards. A brief outline of its contents include: basic guidelines, problem solving, imaging quality, film critique, positioning tricks for improved mammography images, pain and mammography, sensitometry, quality control, viewing conditions, image artifacts and radiation issues. An abundance of illustrations have been included to enhance the technologist's comprehension. Three relatively new and unique topics are covered: breast mapping, a new way of understanding patient positioning body mechanics; looking at musculoskeletal discomfort and injury with mammography technologists; and patient relations, exploring the psychological issues that arise from the patient-technologist interaction.

Publisher: Mammography Consulting; Published September 1999
550 Pages, 4th edition, Hardcover
ISBN: 0969486723
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