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Breast Imaging by Daniel B. Kopans, MD

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This extensive reference on breast imaging is now in its revised, updated, and expanded Second Edition. The book combines a complete, superbly illustrated atlas of breast images with a comprehensive text that addresses all aspects of imaging-including breast anatomy, histology, physiology, pathology, breast cancer staging, and preoperative localization of occult lesions. This Second Edition features seven new chapters-breast cancer screening, radiation risk, magnetic resonance imaging, a systematic approach
to breast imaging, the American College of Radiology breast imaging reporting system, quality control and assurance, the altered breast, breast biopsy, radiation therapy, breast implants, and lactation. Dr. Kopans also provides expanded coverage of breast ultrasound, image-guided needle placement (including stereotactic biopsy), lesion analysis, and positioning techniques. This edition contains more than 1,500 illustrations.

Publisher: Lippincott; Published February 1998
875 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 039751302X
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