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Breast Implants

This section contains books on breast implants.

The Best Breast: The Ultimate, Discriminating Woman's Guide to Breast Augmentation by John B. Tebbetts, MD and Terrye B. Tebbetts

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The Best Breast is the source of information for women considering breast augmentation, perhaps the most in-depth source of insider information ever written. Regardless of how well informed a woman feels about breast augmentation, this book raises the bar, exposing important issues to provide women with a new powerful set of tools when considering augmentation. Learn about your choices incision, pocket location, implants and recovery.

Published August 1, 1999, ISBN: 0967031109
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BodySculpture: Plastic Surgery of the Body for Men & Women by Alan M. Engler, MD

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This book discusses the most commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedures of the body for men and women, including breast enlargements, breast lifts and reduction, liposuction,and tummy tucks. What makes this book unique is the large number of unretouched before-and-after photos of actual patients. Many books on plastic surgery rely on drawings to illustrate the effects of the surgical procedures, often giving an unrealistic impression. In this 300 page book, which includes text, 123 black-and-white photos and 10 drawings, Dr. Engler provides and in-depth discussion of these procedures, as well as general background information. Chapters include information on the assumptions people often make on the basis of appearance, how to address the changes your body undergoes during the recovery, and "Consequences and Complications." Other chapters discuss the typical consultation, Anesthesia, Day and Place of Surgery, and the Recovery. The five main sections of the book are General Information, Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, and Results.

Published September 1998, ISBN: 0966382730
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Breast Implants : Everything You Need to Know, by Nancy Pauline Bruning

This fully updated, comprehensive, book helps women who have breast implants or who are considering them. This no-nonsense book contains the latest information on breast implants, covering the controversial history of silicone gel implants up to the current global legal settlement, and discussing implant options other than silicone. It also explains how to evaluate the issues and risks of implant surgery and implant removal. The book contains extensive photos and illustrations. It gives practical, detailed advice for what to do if something goes wrong with an implant and explains breast reconstruction alternatives that do not require implants. This guide also answers questions about the effects of implants on the whole body, discusses the latest techniques of tissue transplant surgery, and gives complete details on current litigation issues. Nancy Bruning is a 15-year breast cancer survivor and has a silicone implant herself. She has authored 11 other books including Coping with Chemotherapy.

Published January 1995, ISBN: 0897931750
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