The following are quotations from unsolicited emails we have received from worldwide users of Imaginis.

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The following are quotations from unsolicited emails we have received from worldwide users of Imaginis.

"I have been diagnosed with DCIS and needed more information regarding what I had...I found it. Being able to print the information so I can read it at a later time was very useful...Your article also gave me the information for what I have, my procedure and for my recovery...Thank you."

"I just wanted to tell you that after viewing many websites looking for information on advanced staged metastatic breast cancer of which my 66 year old mother has just been diagnosed after undergoing a radical mastectomy your website is the most friendly, informative, and comforting (under such dire circumstances) that I have found. Thank you!"

"My wife has breast cancer and your site has been absolutely wonderful."

"What a find. Having recently started on my journey with breast cancer I have found your website to be full of useful information."

"Congratulations on a superb site."

"I would just like to mention, it is great that there is such a comprehensive site out there such as!"

"This is one of the BEST informational web sites for BC. I found it very helpful."

"This web site was very informative and easy to read. I found the information I was looking for quickly."

"Just wanted to thank you. Recently diagnosed with non-invasive DCIS breast cancer. Your website has helped so much."

"I am so relieved you have such a helpful website. It really helps to hear questions from other women and to know I'm not alone."

"Your news letter has been fantastic because while I am waiting for radiation I have been learning so much from your articles and other peoples' experiences. I am less concerned about Tamoxifen and radiation than I was because I now feel better informed. Thank you for being so informative and so helpful just when I needed it."

"Hi, this site was recommended by a friend. I found it very informative. I read information useful to both myself and my Mother. Mom was Dx with inflammatory breast cancer 9/00. So, I was very pleased to see this form of cancer mentioned on your site. And, that you went a step further by providing excellent links about the subject. Raising breast cancer awareness to the next level. Kudos to you!!!"

"Thank you for the newsletters. I had breast ca 3 years ago, had lumpectomy locally, went to Sloan Kettering Hospital for sentinel node bio. Radiation treatments afterwards. Your newsletters have been invaluable since. You keep me up to date on all that is happening, all the research results. I know if ever the ca returns I have a trusted place to turn to for how to find the best treatments available."

"I love your newsletter ... what wonderful information for me to share with my group, Your Bosom Buddies, which meets at Baptist Hospital of Miami, FL."

"Your information has helped me in many ways. I would like to continue learning from your articles regarding breast cancer. Thank you."

"Just a note to thank you for all your current information and the updated information that you share with so many women like myself."

"Many thanks. Great website. I am the Director of a soon to be completed Breast Care Center."

"I truly enjoy reading your newsletter online. Being a BC survivor for one year now, I try to keep up on the latest medical issues regarding BC and any other kinds of cancer. Thank you for providing this service."

"I just wanted to let you know what a great website you have designed. I am a 36-year old female with two small children who had a first mammogram on Monday and received a call that I needed further follow-up. After panicking and searching the internet I came across your site and could not believe my fortune in finding a site with so much information. I feel I am prepared for tomorrow and knowing that I had no detectable lump ahead of time I know that if there is something there I have a better feeling that it is in its early stages and can be treated quickly. Whether there is a problem or not I know I will be definitely referring your site to my friends so they can gain more awareness about breast cancer."

"I always look forward to your newsletter. It is in a word--excellent! Your newsletter offers and gives the information, questions and answers, resources and details that I have seen nowhere else. Please keep up the good work!"

"I am a breast health educator. I use this site to obtain up to date and accurate information to share with my patients and co-workers. I find that is the site I visit the most."

"love the newsletter and appreciate the great information in it. It is a great resource! Thank you."

"This is a great deal of good info----I am glad to be on your mailing list---Thank you."

"I am a Mammographer and I send some of my patients to your site for information. I keep postcards in the Mammography room about your site. I think it helps patients to get the information from someone else besides me or their physician. Thanks for the info and help."

"The information you have available on Imaginis is by far the most accurate information on the web. The information on Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is the 'best.'"

"Please be advised that I am a Breast Cancer survivor {of} 11 years. Now you know why I find your information so valuable to me. I have sent it to all my friends and family."

"Just wanted you to know that I love your newsletter, it is extremely informative. Keep up the good work." [Registered Nurse]

"Thank you for sending this newsletter to me. It is informational and not technical. I am sure it will be helpful to me."

"I was diagnosed with DCIS in June, 2000. Your site really gave me excellent information, so I could make the right choices as to my care and follow up. Thank You"

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov and recently underwent a mastectomy. I had many questions and concerns about my recommended treatment and went out to the web for help. I came upon this site and have found the weekly newsletters invaluable. Thank you for providing this service."

"I tell everyone [about] your website. I think you are passing along very pertinent and up-to-date information that we all need to know." [Mammography Professional]

"Your website was most beneficial to our most recent encounter with breast biopsies. We want to thank you for your most informative site."

"Your website played a most important role for us in meeting our final outcome."

"I am a relatively new subscriber to your website (referred by a friend who is a breast cancer survivor). I look forward to the newsletter because it provides no-nonsense information about the disease. In fact, I just printed the article on Tamoxifen. I have been taking it since February and have heard a lot of conflicting information about its side effects. The article answered several questions that I had. You provide an important service.Thank you."

"I am a supervisor for a mammography department and was delighted when I stumbled upon your site! Your information regarding mammography is very accurate and informative. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!"

"I just want to let you know how much I enjoy receiving your informative newsletter. As a breast cancer survivor, I appreciate the updates on breast health. Thank you for your service."

"Thank you very much! Keep the good information coming - your newsletter is very informative!"

"I signed up {for the newsletter} with my new {email} address ... Please confirm that you have my current information. I just love your web site and would hate missing one {newsletter} message."

"As a new subscriber and a 3-year BCA survivor, I'm very impressed with the wealth of information your publication presents.  Although I thought I was aware of most of the diagnosis, treatment and followup available, there are still some new and very interesting articles to be aware of.  Thanks for your service."

"The site is FAB!  Your site has provided me with the knowledge I need to query the doctor and find out what was actually found.   Thank you very much for the info I needed when I needed it and for FREE!!!!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your e-mail has made my day! It's so hard to find people who care and take the time for others."

"I just underwent a lumpectomy. Thanks to a yearly mammogram it was detected early enough and only the main sentinole node had to be removed. I had read about the procedure from your archives and about the radiation therapy which I have yet to experience. I find your web site very informative and would highly recommend it to others who are going through this or are diagnosed with breast cancer."

"Had a chance to look more thoroughly at your website ... I must say it is top-notch.  Was scanning through your forums and was really impressed to see that many people get substantive and even caring answers to their questions."

"I think this is a great website and has a lot of useful information on breast cancer. It helped me out a lot with some questions I had."

"Thank you for your very thorough information on breast pain etc.... I went to many other sources before I found your site and was sadly disappointed in them...  Your site and your extensive information base was wonderful!!!"

"I was told in May that I had breast cancer. I found your site and want you to know how great it is for me.  Each step of my treatment I have found just what I needed to know about what to expect and an explanation of that treatment. You have relieved so many fears for me that I have had many more nights with sleep than before I found you."

"Your updates have made my life easier. I recently was diagnosed with breast cancer & I was so frightened.  This caused me to experience extreme depression.  Much of the information that my physician provided was confusing.  Because your information is so easy to read & understand, I am now able to assist in making decisions that affect my body.  Thank you so much!"

"... in expertise specific to women and breast health (both for benign and malignant issues), your website does it so well."  Breast Surgeon and Breast Center Medical Director

"I give your website to my patients.  I am a Breast Surgeon in a practice with 7 other general surgeons - we diagnosed and treated over 300 women with breast cancer last year and saw over 1000 new patients with breast problems. Your website is a great resource for all of them!"

"I have received two editions of your newsletter, having signed up at the Raleigh, NC, Race for the Cure. I am invested in learning as much as I can about ... [breast cancer], as it killed my mother and her sister and my own sister was recently diagnosed. All were premenopausal. This newsletter is terrific! I can't believe I didn't know about it before. Thank you!"

"This is the most informational website that I have found on breast cancer and breast related topics. It is especially easy to read and understand for patients and health care givers alike. I love printing out the topics that most appeal to our patients and leaving the info in the mammography patient waiting areas. I know if there is any question that my patients have that I can’t answer, you guys can!!! Thanks for an outstanding site!!”

“Terrific site.  Full of up-to-date info.  Gave a copy of your latest newsletter to my onocologist.  He didn't know about the blood test to screen for breast cancer and was very interested.  Keep up the GREAT work.  Have recommended you to family & friends.”

"I LOVE your web site.  I've used a search engine to find information about breast pain, lumps, etc. and was getting little bits of information here and there.  When I came across your website, I was so excited!  All of the information I could possibly need... all in one place!!  I have put you in my favorite places and am going to recommend you to all of my female friends and family members!"

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your site.  It is so incredibly informative.  Thank you!!"

"This is one of the best (i.e. simple to navigate, accurate and up to date information, very easy to follow bulletin board, high-quality graphics, well-chosen links, etc.) websites on breast health and disease that I have come across. I have referred many patients to your site--especially the 'myth' section."  Breast Surgeon from Forest Hills, NY

"I have learned more on your site than I have from any other source. Thank you, keepup the great work!  I have past your site on to other {breast cancer} survivors!!!"

"Very good website-- I will recommend it to my patients!"

"This is the greatest website for information on Breast Cancer! Helped me tremendously just a few weeks ago. Keep up the good work! It is so necessary! Being a Breast Cancer Survivor myself (5 years this month)...the fears of recurrence are there everyday, but due to your informative site, some of those fears are allayed & make life just a bit less worrisome. Thank you for your efforts!"

"I love your website and visit it often, as well as recommending it to my patients. Thank you for your help."

"Imaginis may well be the most important web site a breast cancer patient can find. It has a wealth of valuable information on dozens of related subjects and even offers visitors the opportunity to subscribe to their on-line breast health newsletter. This site is a 'must see.' "

"Thanks for the monthly email updates.  It's a great way to stay informed and I like your writing style.  It's very clear and I can understand what it's all about."

"I am a breast cancer survivor {sic} and find your news letter very informative and helpful."

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful web site. I am 25 years old and am going for an ultrasound today with a much clearer head due to your user-friendly site. Your straight {sic} forward facts make the detection process less of a mystery for me."

"Thank you for your wonderful site and answering my question.  I appreciate the kind response."

"Thank you for this newsletter; I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues. I have found it to be very informative."

"You are doing the human race a great service. I have sent [your] URL to everyone in my address book and then some."

"My sincerest thanks for the prompt response to my e-mail question I sent you last week. Your answer was thorough and comprehensive and provided me with the information I wanted to know. I am most appreciative, and am recommending family and friends to your web-site. Thank you for such a grand source, and for your courtesy and help."

"I carefully looked at and thought it was excellent. I thought the information provided was solid, mainstream information.   Its easy to use, well written and I have added it to my favorite places list. Best of luck with this project." RN Coordinator, Cancer Resource Service

"Thank you very much for your thorough and detailed answers.  Your message answered any questions I had about the possibilities for treating DCIS {Ductal Carcinoma In Situ}."

"Thank you for the speedy response to my question, you clarified things nicely. I will indeed refer you to anyone who has need of your services."

"Imaginis was the only web site that I could find, after 4 hours on the Web, that actually explained the MR Mammography technology. It was a relief to find it. I sure book-marked it, and learned a lot. Thanks much already. I have already told a friend."

"Thank you very much for such a thorough answer to my recent question. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I found this site - I am a firm believer that people should be very aware of their health situations and should keep questioning until they get the answers. You are doing a wonderful service for people and I will definitely make sure that all {of my} clients … are aware of your site. I volunteer for the Look Good Feel Better program/American Cancer Society and if they don't know about you - they will now. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness."

"Thank you so much for all of your input. You explained things so clearly, I really appreciate it… Again, I thank you for your assistance. You're terrific!"

"Thank you very much for your informative answer to my questions."

"Thank you so very much for the information and clarification...and for your most prompt response. I certainly will recommend your site! It is most appreciated."

"Already I can see that your comprehensive and remarkably well written material will be a boon to lay persons. Look forward to recommending it to others."

"Thank you very much for your email and web site. Because of the information you provided, my wife was able to know in advance what to expect. Our HMO didn't provide any information on what to expect. Had it not been for your web site, she most likely would have panicked and resisted the scan. Thank you for your valuable service."

"The information you've provide is indeed very valuable"

"Nice site for getting general information on medical imaging. The whole process can be very frightening and confusion to a patient and/or the family. Having some place to go to get straight forward information is extremely helpful."

"Thanks so much for a very informative site. Thanks for providing well organized information that can be easily understood by a layperson. I was much more comfortable with both procedures after visiting your site."

"Thanks for the info. I'm a 34 year old woman who will be having an MRI today. I'm not as scared knowing now, what exactly it is. Although I do pray the outcome is successful {sic}."

"When I logged on to your site I never expected to find such a wealth of information. I thought I had hit the jackpot. You have my full support {sic}. Please continue your work. All the best for the future."

"Excellent web site, answered all my questions …"

"Very educational and informational. You answered all my questions … Thanks!!!!"

"{your} site makes me feel like I am still in charge of my medical decisions. No one talks but the information is available if I want to find it. Thanks."

"Thank you for your help - this is a great site."

"Thank you for your response... and I will be visiting your website often."